The Art of Ear Coning (Candling)

In ancient times the process was described as "coning". Cone shaped instruments made from pottery clay
were used. The glazed pottery cones had a double helix carved inside to create a downward spiral energy
flow of the smoke and heated air. This would carry the burning herbs down into the ear canal. The action
is a counter clockwise flow caused by the vacuum action of the cone. The smoke and the heat cleansed
the ear canal and pulled the debris out by vacuum as the air was burned out the ear canal.

This process was used in China, India, Tibet, Egypt, the Mayan, Aztec and American Indian Cultures.
History dates it back to Atlantis and Lemuria. Cleansing cones or candles are an ancient, universal form of
therapy used by nations all around the globe. Some form of wax or some burnable substance was used as
the carrier in the cones. Some Indian tribes simply blow herbal smoke down into the ear canal through a
cone shaped object, many times it was wrapped up newspaper.

Many cultures considered coning a spiritual practice for clearing the mind and senses. They claimed it
cleared the mind and body so you could meditate and open up your sensitivity.

In current times many cultures such as the South American Mexican Indians and some American Indian
tribes are using ear coning. Materials vary from pottery cones to rolled up newspaper soaked in wax.

In the present time, due to health regulations we have to use disposable candles. Cones or candles are
made from strips of unbleached cotton or linen dipped in paraffin and/or beeswax and herbs. The spiral
roll built into the candles during production creates the same effect as the pottery cones. In some cultures
they have mixed herbs into the wax or placed herbs in the cone during the burning process.

In Germany they teach ear candling as a remedy. In the U.S. this is a relatively new process to the general
public. In many cultures ear candling is the remedy of choice for ear infections, Candida, fungus growth,
ear aches, etc. A few holistic doctors in the U.S. have shifted over to ear candling from irrigation

Common ear wax build-up muffles hearing for many. Yeast's, allergies or just wax build-up, removed
from the ear canal regularly will restore hearing, relieve tension or pressure in the ear and sometimes
relieve other symptoms not consciously connected with the ear condition before the process. Removal of
excessive wax allows better hearing, usually immediately.

Candida can cause a mold/yeast allergy which in turn causes itching inside the ear. Parasites can cause
many problems if allowed to grow in the ear. "Swimmers Ear" is quite often caused by growth of bacteria
etc. in the ear plus ear wax which stops the clearing of water from the ear. Some have also removed fleas
from ears.

Ear aches can be caused by mucus blown into the ear from the Eustachian tube. Ear candling will quite
often release the pressure and relieve the pain.

The moist warm dark conditions in the ear cause fast growth of many organisms, If excess ear wax
blocks the ear it can cause pressure build-up from various organisms.

The Way It Works
The spiral of the cone causes the smoke to be pulled down in to the ear canal. This causes the ear canal to
warm up and loosen the wax and any other material. As it heats it up, the candle causes a suction by
creating a vacuum in the ear canal. Air is drawn up from the Eustachian tube into the middle ear then
through the porous membrane out into the outer ear. The heat and the vacuum draw out the wax and
other materials from the ear canal into the base of the candle. As it burns down you will hear a lot of
cracking and hissing which is the process of removing the wax etc. The warmth feels soothing and
relaxing during the process. Ear Oil placed in the ear after candling with cotton to cover will protect from
further infections from bacteria, yeast's etc.

The ear candles we use are made from materials that consist of 100% natural cotton strips and beeswax,
which contain the essential oils Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Patchouly, Mugwort, Lavender, Oregano, Sage,
Peppermint, Tea Tree Oil, and Clove. The cones are 12 inches in length with a 1 inch diameter at the top
of the cone, with a one degree taper. The tip is then a funnel like taper to just under a 1/4th of an inch.
For your comfort, the tip of the ear cone is double dipped in bee's wax. This provides a soft gentle feeling
when held to your ear canal, providing a better fit and seal for the vacuum process. These cones are also
a slower burning cone drawing out  50% to 80% more debris than any other cone on the market; this give
the practitioner more time for better outcomes.  We proudly use cones made by King Cone International.

Disclaimer: This is considered to be entertainment only, and not considered to be used as medical
treatment, and no claim is being made for any such cure for any disease or ailment. Those participating in
ear candling must assume full responsibility for its use, and not hold the manufacturer, persons
performing, or seller liable for any claims, expenses, or damages. Found By Grace, Toi Holliday nor any
employee thereof, assumes no responsibility.

Warning: Do not engage into practicing ear candling alone. Ear candling should be done with at least two
people. Be sure to have a well ventilated area.
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