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What is Wholesale Investing?  The three most common techniques associated with wholesale investing is bird dogging, assignment of contract or double closing.  In simple terms, wholesale investing is finding properties significantly below market value with the intent to sale quickly using little or no money of your own.  

When you are considering wholesale investing you need to have a plan and set realistic goals.  Even though you may have spent thousands of dollars attending workshops and hiring one-on-one mentors, you should be aware that wholesale investing is not a get rich quick scheme. Wholesale investing is only one of many strategies you can employ to operate your real estate investing business.  
What is an Investor Friendly Agent?  When you decide to work with a real estate agent to help you find properties, it does not employ the agent to teach you how to do wholesale investing. The responsibilities of your agent is outlined in the Buyer's Representative Agreement which includes the following: 1. Presenting properties to you that meet your investing goals. 2. Provide you with up to date market analysis. 3. Guidance to ensure your offers are sound and protect you as the buyer.  4. Write, negotiate and submit your offers. 5. Provide you with necessary resources for a successful purchase. 5. Schedule access to properties of interest. 6. Provide you with professional referrals you may need during your transaction. Your agent is there to help you achieve your goal in acquisitions.

If you are new to real estate investing and considering wholesale investing strategies, I do offer one on one mentoring and coaching for a nonimal fee if you are not in a coaching program.  My one on one coaching program includes basic business set up guidance, contract and contingencies, finding cash buyers, lead generation, marketing, real transaction walk-through and more.  Contact me today to discuss further details.  +1 (310) 684-3811

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