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Formula to Sell ANY HOME

Discover the Formula That Top Real Estate Agents Use to
Sell “Unsellable” Homes Fast For More Money!

Here's what you learn in this book....
Part 1: Pricing and Selling

Does the Listing Price Matter?
Common Mistakes to Avoid That Stop Homes From Selling
Case Studies of Homes I Sold that Other Agents Couldn’t Sell
Why it's So Easy to Sell Your Home for Less Than It Is Worth (you don’t want to do this!)
What Stops “Perfect Homes” From Selling

Part 2: Strategies and Tips 

How To Sell A Home That Didn’t Sell… Without Dropping the Price
Avoid this Rule at Your Own Risk
Why This 20% Rule Matters to to Hard Tto Sell Homes
Why Buyers Skipped Your Home
Luxury Home Seller Strategy Sells Homes for 15% More Money
Why Making Your Home Shine Matters
Disregarding Details Causes Buyers To Pass On Your Home
How Buyers Pick What Homes to Preview

Part 3: Selling Your Home Faster 

Why the Pictures of Your Home Can Stop It From Selling
The 3 Step Formula I Use To Sell Homes Other Agents Can't Sell
Negotiation Musts
Simple Negotiation Strategies That Work (almost) Every Time
Why Your Dog Would Hire Me to Sell Your Home

Part 4: Home Seller Resources 

A Big Mistake that Cost Aa Seller $36,000
Read This Before You Sign a Contract With a Buyer
How to Find Out Exactly How Much Money You Will Receive on Your Sale
Should You Consider Hiring a Realtor?

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