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There is nothing sweeter in life than buying and owning your own property; especially your first one. It brings a sense of security, satisfaction, contentment, and fulfillment in being a homeowner. However, the process of buying a home will require you as the prospective home buyer to be patient and to put in some time and energy. You will need to work closely with me as your agent and communicate your wants and needs. Below are a few basic tips in being prepared for buying your new home:

1. Determine your affordability and find out how much you can afford.
2. Contact a lender and get pre-approved. I work with top lenders and will help you find the right one. 
3. Think about what area of town you want to live in. 
4. Create a list of wants and needs in your new home and it’s community.
5. Keep an open mind and be flexible with realistic goals. 
6. If you have not owned a home in the last 3 years, you may qualify for first time home buyer programs or lender credits.
7. If you are a Veteran, retired, military, healthcare professional, school teacher, civil service, firefighter, foreign national, farmer or law enforcement etc., you may qualify for down payment assistance programs and or tax credits.  Please speak with me regarding down payment assistance programs.

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1. There are no hidden fees or charges to a home buyer from an agent in helping you find a home on market or for referring you to a lender or providing a Comparative Market Analysis report.  The seller of the property pay commissions from the proceeds of the sale to the listing brokerage; it is then split in multiple ways between the listing and selling brokerages and finally between the agents involved.  Again, helping you find a home, preparing all legal transaction documents, scheduling inspections and negotiating the sale is FREE and there are no hidden fees. 

2. When a home is listed on the market for sale, the asking price is based on current Fair Market Value and there are no hidden fees added to be incurred by the buyer.  However, if you are purchasing a home through a live or online auction, you may be subject to a buyer's premium which can be negotiated into your offer price. Otherwise, there are no hidden fees in the sale of a home; as per legal requirements all fees associated with the purchase or sell of a home are disclosed to both the buyer and seller.

3. As the home buyer, if your offer is accepted, you are responsible for obtaining a professional home inspection and possibly a pest control inspection which will cost between $250-$400 on average.   A professional home inspection and pest control inspection are both highly recommended and may be required by your lender to ensure the property you are purchasing is up to city codes and is in safe living standards. 

4. As the home buyer, you will be responsible for any down payments or earnest money deposits towards the property purchase and also for your portion of the closing escrow fees.  There are no hidden fees and you will be provided with a preliminary estimate of the buyer fees and also a breakdown of all fees during the escrow processes.

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