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Explore your real estate journey with us, where we help navigate the dynamic landscape of investment strategies. Whether you're interested in vertical or horizontal investments, buy and hold models, value add opportunities, fix and flip or other unique investment approaches, Toi Holliday, your investor-friendly agent, is here to assist you. 


Where Expertise Meets Profitability. Let's Build Your Wealth through Strategic Real Estate Investments

As a Certified Real Estate Investment Planning Specialist and National Commercial Real Estate Advisor, my sole dedication is to enrich your real estate investing journey through strategic planning and valuable insights. I bring forth a wealth of experience by partnering with a network that collectively boasts over 30 years in Residential and Commercial Real Estate.

With continuous education and a vast professional network, I am committed to delivering unparalleled expertise. When you choose to work with me, you benefit from professionalism, patience, extensive market knowledge, insights into property renovation and resale, investment property strategies, access to pre-qualified investors, a network of lenders tailored to your needs, a personalized property search portal aligned with your business model, financial analysis for optimal returns, and resources to facilitate smooth and successful transactions.

I collaborate with both seasoned and new investors, accommodating cash buyers, hard money, and financed deals, from local to international investors. Each client engagement begins with a personalized meeting to ensure alignment with your real estate investing goals. I extend a warm welcome to Level B investors (Wholesalers) who have identified their business model and grasp the fundamental principles of wholesaling.

Whether you're looking to sell your investment property, engage in fix-and-flip projects, explore turnkey rentals, implement house hacking strategies, or expand your real estate portfolio with buy-and-hold investments, I am committed to providing you with the best possible experience.

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